Loosely, "even more so" or "with even stronger reason". Often used to lead from a less certain proposition to a more evident corollary. It is unwise to invest in pyramid schemes, and, a fortiori, in e-mail pyramid schemes.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

salus in arduis

ah see.
you walking up high, mon.
embrace yourself hide around and keep looking leap high. such a high fly, there you are, mon.
see that mon, someone's taking care of her, indeed.
we got our own frequency, mon, now. she's over. there done, mon.
us see that tragedy. a lonely fellow, a care-taker, she's just it, mon.
what a character. we drove by, along the side of the river and she's just stood, mon.
can not believe either, mon. some flashes.
we had our chances, beliefs me, mon. we tried, we crossed, but we had deal.
ah see that, mon.
we walk high now, mon.
embracing sky smoked some clouds and get on that deal, mon.
we deal it right not mentioning her.
we've got the deal, mon. already.
see that, mon. one phone call.
not try to shut it off, mon. they'll come for sure.
see that, mon. we had chances as well farewell, if they come for sure.
they'll find us, mon.
one think as for another, we owed them yes still, like little cock in the corner.
we suck and deliver.
we are nothing but commonly head strong.
we were fucking them right since we enter, mon.
not a good shags, though. we were fucking.
but yes, she's over now. see that, mon, there it is, mon, that's done. deal's done, mon.
she's walking up high, mon. like yourself. take a look yourself, mon.
we've deal to deliver. we suck and deliver, you know that, mon.
your last chance. we suck and deliver, remember, there it is, mon.
upper-grounder take cheese when we suck and deliver.
now we were done with her. one call, mon.
we tell and we go.
see that, mon.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

de omnibus dubitandum

A neat dish on a murder menu, she’s got.
Thin lipped, fat but firm feet, husband sharing and admiring of bigamist, after she discovered that her husband did and keep the two women happy when he still alive.

A half-dressed but not a half-baked she is and half a lout are not better than one she said.

Still too valuable to generate more fire and a rotting liar, a mischievous twinkled in her eyes.

World is keeping but not a BBC, a daydreamer and dwelling beautiful day.
Then again she covered Afghanistan and rotten molested terrorist.
The phone keep ringing, the one-third liquor of Scotch Highland Dream still on rocks, the mild cloves cigarette lighten and hope there’s still peace at Turkmenistan.

calix meus inebrians

“what will you get for the lot that you’d get?
Appear been pledge to pull off and overlook.
Posses all days and gone without end, ceaselessly.
Presently got the birds off their feathers.”
- Victoria the Victorian II - January 2009.

aut viam inveniam aut faciam

“For this is the message which you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another,”
(1 JOHN, 3-11)

What shall more to be learned from the notification of GATHERING – to give and to know each other well, with compromising wisely attitude and good thoughts, just like a simple thought before about the idea of surrender in any motions, controlled the emotion for gaining adaptation and a soul to sound for reaching a deep contact, and indeed for once there has to be pause another memory.

Had this for long the main structure that always controlled physically, and this noticeable for each particular part of distance between objects from an area of land become more occupied by a person, as a human, or things, that should be properly and for sure must be suitable, which wanted to gives another meaning in, space.

What about our structure?

As for long, bodies are always occupied.
Many systems are used to stating size and quantities or degree of measurement for some necessary amount and sometimes to comparing the dimensions.

What we knew already are about the function around how that the two-dimensional and three-dimensional are much effected since the area of visual born and know there’s a smart configuration comes as audio and visual, which always could be direct printed and witnesses in such a, real-time and recorded straight ahead within your mind.

By these the idea of permanent and question within the works of the body or structure are ‘naturally’ created and once again the body structures could receive the alter thought of becoming immortal.

And now, almost in every playground the audio and visual are totally attached as a helping devices to make another rules of communication among the spirit of unknown forms and by these, the ‘area’ of ‘space’ sometimes are only a surface of measurement just to know exactly how a body, as a main part of physical structure, could have such range of activities and manageable times.
And there’s also the point of questioning about the mutual combination around the body, mind and soul.

A mind, is taking control of memory to not forget how to remember, this is the way of what a person thinks or feels, it’s conquer the area of thinking, feel doubtful and could be change one’s decision, to know what one’s want and come to another decision. As far as could said this is the Mental Ability of human being and a body already occupied it.
As a soul as a non-material part of living things, but for human being this could be a part of believed to exist forever. For some cases the soul has put into one’s work as emotionally and intellectual energy and might be regarded as an ideal inner thing’s.
So far for believing something that’s not only a pot which had round-vessel that could holds liquids and solids, but for sure a body works are more manageable and much more dynamic than thinking about the city structure.

This in sometimes the area of ‘creation’ comes up as unconsciousness to the source of development to retarded the systematic proportion.
And for the body as always as a main frame, for each structure which has already their own living and so on the action came from the scenery of plexus major, which went forth since the beginning.

A body, a physical structure, a mainframe, main part of an occupied and an organized area, are also the core to the unspoken communicative action.

With or without consideration the whole of works from a body sometimes suddenly become motionless and there’s no good communication around that connection, physically and mentally, and this such of particular proportion also trigger some action of instinctive persona and by this also could create the idea of beauty and even evil.

The frame work of an occupied area, which also the gesture that created many of adaptation within the area itself become another ‘space’ and it’s a total responsibility to always occupied the space, considering or not, because the main connection has already in the mutual collaboration with mind and soul, so the existence of the space are physical structure and for there’s a time that could be more strange than that.

That’s why the physical appearances always could become the object of memory from the sensual of illusions, desire to betrayed or to live as another of being recognized, to which the very own existence and to substitutes for being others.

With every located substances of personal gesture become private material with also its physical manifestation, and for that’s why an action can be silence.

Communication has also direct relation for interactive motive in every action and re-action and that’s existence could always be executed in front of the other being directly, as considering this element become an idea of physic environment that also create a market-gesture in every establishment.

As something to remember, any life on earth has been brought within the range of technical possibilities.

arbiter elegantiarum

Such a closed display she had. Her profile. Incredibly justify of knowing warm pleasure.
A dessert of just a warm Kiwi pleasure with light-white foam cream and ground Cinnamon on top.

As well those whose with charmed and consequences of having terrific matter of trustfulness within the quality of continuing steadily despite matter of problems.

But such a warm heart we had.
Those which light and humbly honoring value of being and well.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

aquila non capit muscam

Let’s keep it friendly you have to play fair
Enjoy the ride in madness and show
We need more conflicts before more the heart meet
Times to break to hide
You and me want to be unhappy

Of course, for sure, she just waving you good bye and thank you as return after she really had a great time within your cock’s and really taking care of tender licking cocksucker over pressing that smashing balls.

After hour she really got mad over your hot cum, she’s just stood there on her knee asking you to drop more and caressing the spasm over your shitty-cock’s head and licking it and not finished it.

Every time he’s asking for a little spreading the wallet thing’s, I just got myself a really soaked wet like shit hole over my twins labia.

While I just couldn’t get myself real ease to taking care of that fucking hot sweaty dick’s big horn piña colada just like a can of Budweiser Light with 50% more of fl.oz inside.

She’s sucked very well.

She’s just love my shit-hole and licking it very good indeed, every time I got myself trapped into slight of her eyes crying to have more cocks inside her while she’s busy with mine.

She’s just too busy handling it by herself that’s why I always had my own tits beside my head. And she’s also really had some fun time while I did biting her tits and watched it getting warm and done as well.

What shall been forgotten before every living things within memories and things that really shall happen happened happens?
If there’s some perfect point to show about that dilemma area of movement, maybe all point of views could end up still in dead.
Yup! And there’s death in so certain condition among all living things. What so certain in these life to live beside death, why shall we worried about how to be the legend of a great fortunate lives, in fact all of you already in death’s list. All are listed no matter what shall happen do happened and what’s so happens.

Now we tried to be more sophisticated to each other, which is, I’m not like you, the most of all, I’m not like the other that you’ve been with or I’m not the one that you wanted, so on I’m not the one like others and sometimes just fade up not like each one of you.

When I’ve got her arms to describe the world and still not my world, so I just missed my own pictures or probably it just her missing pale-white of amusing Jasmine in all times. Behind.

Forbidden abstract and indigenous comforter of our controlled mind jamming in neurons transformational simple adaptation but we just consider it as a new raw technical system for only just some way to survive and to be mold in another way of dealing sacrifices in whole times of yours and you can not stop for growing old. And it comes in no surprise even you still cannot dry your eyes. Just watch out for the other eye that already missing your texture. Amazing fishy fruitcakes in another pictures of fear that also growing old. What so important and gorgeous in our short of beliefs, a memory, promises, debt, obsession, flirts, loves, honors, prestigious, dreams, untold reasons, soul mates, closed person, deepest affairs, darkest secret, kisses, hugs, self-esteem, lusty act of sexiest moves that could catch and had already exploded.

Settled your dreams and it seems more important than reaching an honest truth of trust. You walked away to save your face that never worth because you had not that second thought. Shall the old stuff becoming permanent and sealed so the next step is held together and you called it to maintain the good things or memories that you shall not erased. What could I say beside what’s wrong with this beautiful picture anyway and shall I could more respected to this recognizing texture’s while it is fade up. While gone and goes and grow. I still had the earth. Why should you proclaim that you wanted go around with me in your perfect thoughts, you could read yourself so everybody could know you better and had some thing in you. but one thing that you shall missed about the whole diorama that everybody did not know me a clue and didn’t care about everybody either except their appearances in me but I could just shut them down in my perfect thoughts. And that’s for sure.

Remain secretly just like the edge of Valentine’s, remain secretly as Baroque and Rococo, remain honest for any jewels and routes that connected in the beauty of golden triangle.

Strive to enter by the narrow door, will seek to enter and will not be able.
When once the householder has risen up and shut the door, this can-not-dancing guy will begin to stand outside and to knock and saying, “please, open to us”.

“Where you come from? I do not know where you come from”
“We ate and drank in your presence, and you taught in our streets”
“I tell you, I do not know where you come from, depart from me, all you workers of iniquity!”
There you will weep and gnash your teeth and you yourselves thrust out.

Recognize the angel by it’s wings or aura or the smell of the cosmic or the dust from it’s trace or else by knowing the present of the evil deep within it’s grace, still wanted wings, it’ll graves buried lost, isn’t this the very start.
The song that sung on poem that hung. On hotel phone that you never knew about the code before, you still connect to that, yes, you still in touch on most questionable thought about reckless and clumsy, a really big mistake on sight, what a lie in blossom when return never touch the turning sign without sign and direction, that happened each time, each time, just like sleep and crying for not knowing the ‘you’ itself.

Almighty, while on way like your way like your pray becoming your prey.
More dirty values by conducting humans as its behave develop sunrise and building the earth to sleep again over and over by every each mile per second, shall we surprises you sometimes while you not around by destruct the predictable mindless system of honors that we and you got it already when inner plexus should believes that in contrary human are only simply as plants with brain grows like crazy tumor, that laugh and lies a lot than the room of cerebral cortex each brain could achieves, beliefs in each times, we stay to step on a plant but we realize that we could not survive no longer no with those stupid reincarnation or else re-grow relieves and destruct more complex with boring calling your bluffs. That’s too much too high on pressure. Still waiting you, my universal widow-whore’s.

Old behavior in present, more addictive and present-able because of its diorama of classic that seemingly cool but always with some fools, what we’ve got here are more than ‘there’ with seems beauty wonderful amazing with light that embrace.

What shall morning could gives for every hidden dew as crystal reflected early light, when all so sudden the punishment come, fear not to the substance gifted with uncertain being, ways of surviving the unpredictable trial of experience, an invisible armor of speech and nature’s rules.

Everyday in life and even almost in every funeral, should be free to get any responsibility for the form of maturity, even superhero needs a rest.
In highly state of dying with considering the acceptance of anger and bargaining in life until denial and isolation comes up from the only depression. Shut down the devil sake’s.

Living creatures are more than spirit of the angels, arriving before forbidden fruits, they had way we are always make our own way revealing to another as a behavior or else as a perfect statue no one else could found. The customized of boundaries the legal partnership of ritual movement the simple adjustment of consequences among parasites that held so deep waking another vision, creating more visible another neo-plagiarism in the plexus of burning cancer in my lonely angel.

The sound of the drug lord cuts the chords. Fake natures in instant cheap-capitalism more victims and victimized the circularity of massive freedom.
Flexible approaching to the next step era of the whole missions of protection, failed of possessive overload, like giving energy to the masses, calm like a bomb. Spoiled the track and bloods becoming the dull color of
Forgotten day.

Creating a good reason to avoid immaturity of real life for fools the warrior sounds, what in this another anonymous adventure, same old curiosity to demanding why so false to stop the time and loosing the time for testing jealousy that combining perception of thoughts of inner intellectual and an open minded way of thinking.

School boys and piranhas, primates and kangaroos, hippos and caterpillars, angels and termites, cockroaches and lizards, blowflies with lilies, hyenas with elks, bees and rats, tortoises and walruses…

May all gained loosing, companionship’s, watching too many movies, read all books, listening good and old songs, comparing others, intellectualized of mind trembling and situated by old-funky and new dioramas. It should be enough and enough thoughts within all experiences and to think for all things that have done.

You hypocrites!
All adversaries were put to shame.

A warmest solitude, even, in her secluded drama and cliché thinking about life to be live with so far.

tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis

She filled herself with Lolita Lempicka’s bouquet, walking towards delimited houses, buildings and several dormitories.
She takes a leap for 24-Seven expediency store’s, lower ground, in care for Cherry-popped bubble gum.
She hates the smells of Cinnamon collided with Cumquats and bit sundry of Lime skins.
She’s returning the knife that’s been stabbed on her back to Grenadine’s beauty parlor.
She wants to do that pony.
Craving for her beaded Diadem from her own deep sea.
”I’m not a Clove”, she alleged.
”I’m not in some warehouse or train station”, she replied.
”Not fancy for diabolical dual of Slavnostik in Scottish parable of the lost forest hanky panky, either”, she sustained.
She was having Bambi.
Even though, her mom not so easy let her thoughts about it.
”It was considered an easy and ease story but not for near you, my dear.” she edify hardly.

She saw a small and tiny cracked exposed from a Red Diablo Buick’s sedan with golden-haired skin covering wheels.

A man with Galliano’s tux comes out and his misuse with crimson-slip satin, gold high heel stiletto and bluish Cashmere.
She smiled and felt joy.
It shall going to be a very deep and gorgeous Sun, she’s through.
This day joy and tomorrow glad.
The next day happy, as well with sorrow, poignant and glum just like the other days.
She laughed.
She said to her Mom, “rejoiced Mom, there’s no such thing as good, bad and worse. Only us that deem its there”.
“Well dear love, ad maiorem dei gloriam, ad multos annos”. Her moms speaks softly then smile.

sapienti sat

then we were a king and the pioneer may proceed homo-caedere

may one's committed regicide than uxorious

may one's false by doing fratricide but all done so well and perfect that shine

the glory of anger the error of being right

still bright and glow... marvelous

the morning still and the day was no more arise

may we proceed.

While suddenly I could only just stand in the dance floor and thinking bemusedly amazing about love psychedelic, amused by the groove’s, that’s not too important thinking love, loves and loved that could not take us out into those paradise of loving and tender and so on could reminiscing as natural enlightenment for every inspiration which has also glued to age of behavior.

Physical drive to the most of an enormous delight in you and in the next moment, this guy, slowly flying to the chunk of light and crashed into the mirror ball, then falls apart.

Then again here I was standing again at the dance floor and the light spinning like the universe, this is for real not love experience.
While the ultimate guidance brought it light and with simple step to the corner, with wild eyes, scent of body, the sweat, the movement in red ‘carpet’ walk, more gorgeous than a cat near by the high fence of a warning dog’s.

While it could shine and rebel in the songs that gave while loves could meet heart and strong with your own, this is the very real start.

"When a man dwells in his mind on the object of sense, attachment to them is produced. From attachment springs desire and from desire comes anger."

"From anger arises bewilderment, from bewilderment loss of memory; and from loss of memory, the destruction of intelligence and from the destruction of intelligence he perishes."

In as much as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things which have been accomplished among us. just as they were delivered to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word.

It seem good to me also, having followed all things closely for some time past, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent The-oph'ilus, that you may know the truth concerning the things of which you have been informed.

quot homines tot sententiae

my holiday is over and I’m heading back to work. (Boring). Luckily the sun keeps shining. Missing you.

Hey honey! Enjoy, the warmth of the Rum in the hot. I’m super jet-lagged and try to recover for the weekend. Kisses and love.

Hey! hotter than hot. I send you my love and wish to see you. next time I’m in.

Honey, I would love to share all these drinks with you here! Somehow I get easier drunk in here. Love you. P A R T Y!!

Dearest. I’m back. I’ve decided to dedicate today for shopping. I’m also trying to find a place where to leave my mark to you. Love.

Hi honey, I actually arrived to the city today. Back on Thursday. It’s beautiful night with some Whiskey and Beer. Kisses!

Dearest, it’s so bizarre being this close to you and I still not see you. I enjoy tropical heat and the refreshing rains. Salute for today. Kisses!

Dearest, kisses from hot! I’m waiting for tonight with friends. I’m soon of to the beach in my bikinis.

Hey Honey! I’m counting the minutes to my holiday, just had the opening. I miss you too! Kisses and love.

Dearest, kisses from the Arctic Circle! I hope you are doing well. We are installing big time and wondering about the midnight sun. Love you.

Dearest, I will be in August! We need to meet up. LOVE.

Dearest, I miss you too. I was dancing Tango with you today. I feel you close. L O V E.

Thanks so much for your kind words honey! I’m going there by myself. Kisses to you.

Yes I’m planning to go there at least for few months in February to do a project with the girls, and maybe stay longer.

Dearest, I’m so happy that you are doing well. I’ve been occupied with the funeral and global village festival. Now planning my move. Miss you tons. Love.

Dearest, are you guys safe from the earthquake? Please, let me know. L O V E.

Dear, you gave me so much energy and strength today! It was so beautiful to feel your presence. Kisses and love.

Thanks so much.Your thoughts mean a lot to me. I’m quite ok, will know about the operation tomorrow. Kisses!

Hey honey, I hope you’re having a nice evening. I’m stuffing myself with delicious food with great friends. The fog outside takes me back to the past we had. L O V E.

Slow Tango sounds so good. I would love that! Dreaming of it. Enjoy your night! And touch the sky with me.

Honey that sounds so good! I’m chilling with a dear friend. Love it. Otherwise I’m a bit low as I had an accident. Kisses!

Honey, I’m having white wine in the sun with a dear friend. Almost perfect. Miss you.

Dearest, some equatorial sunshine would make me very happy right now!

I’m on the boat, sailing to work, the weather is far from warm. You know how it is. Kisses!

Dearest, have a safe flight home. I started to work on a story and will stay at home for today, don’t feel like seeing anyone. I love you. Kisses.

Yes, honey. Salute to you and to life!

Sounds so good! I haven’t been able to get dressed the whole day, but took a long sauna.

Dear, enjoy the people and the Rum. Miss you.

Honey, I’m taking super e-z with my cats. Need to go record shopping as soon as I get my booty up from the sofa. Can’t even focus on a coffee cup. Kisses.

Dear dear, I miss you too. It was the greatest to have met you and to know your spirit. Waiting to see you soon again at home. Love you.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

gratia placenti graviora manent

a car await.
a red cabriolet. top hat's and wide pink on sweet dessert salad.
a kiosk smell tobacco. a lamb slices on the grill.
pointed sewer tips smell warm blended with chestnut.
a savior. drunk of cans. sodas and clean natural bio mineral water.
banks of chairs. wooded hand grilled.
she held the gun slowly put her arms up toward the window.
a slide of triangular shaped foot a stand.
a pair of identical mirror telescopes mounted side-by-side and aligned to point accurately in the same direction.
she's sigh.
this man I know.
truly she had some with him in the past.
he could not recalled.
as well is she.
she laid back and sigh on sight.
she had a wonderful shag last night.
she feel her clitoris uptight against each of inside her wall.
a vagina-plateau being shaken.
she's slowly grab the edge of the trigger.
having herself while pointing someones head are no matter as for fun.
as the guy.
as one other day crossing the woods and the river banks.
a jog for sport there it is.
he had gifts. he's gifted. he's expensive.
one head for a hummer. all clean.
now as he now standing.
wide space open.
all been arranged.
there she goes.
he start to dig up.
head's down.
the fly.
the spiral.
the wind.
the brick wall.
half glass of espresso away.
one head down.
bang the stoned.
head to the ground.
she digest to killed one's own.
a spectator.
not in her wildest dream's to have him. inside.
to fuck with her own nature of nurture.
fixed her strings.
a beaded wings.
diadem of own thoughts and solid ass.
a grab of the future she is. to the hips and to the low. the v.
a cold pointed metal and several bullets she holds.
a smile.
a sweet tits.
a broken breast.
a smooth bare titties.
as the air and it's glow.
broken night and slide shows.
a guy bleeding flow's.
head to the ground.
meet me to a warm pussy.

ancilla vinum portat

and here's my Glock dancing lady.
the one's slave who's carries wine.
steps ahead while clocking the Glock. cocking.
smile sweet little lady undo picking up out juices.
sweet Luv little lady. sleep while await. Guillotine.
sex to me several. cock clocking like your Glock.
triggered I am there it is.
smile my dancing Glock candle lady.
my sweet little Glock dancing lady.
see my head through the wall you see.
my lady queen of Glock dancing lady.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

venisti remanebis donec denuo compeltus sis

then she walks toward Marketplatz. holding church with both of her sunny-skin hand's.
she almost bump a guy near the coffee shop.
never know what's coming. surprisingly the guy was so aromatic. his scent and his accent.
suddenly her lips opened. a fine wine, a red La Mancha flavor.
she's passing the southern of the guy view's. her breast was tightened and her tits becoming so hard.
she couldn't wait until the next corner of finanzentrum. an old building that helps her warm.
seems too obvious to see her blooming in the face and through her breast.
the guy comes.
he stood there.
holding his own lips.
she offer her hands.
with the church stand still.
the guy pushed her to the pre-historic carved stones wall.
she hold the church while her pelvic muscle become naturally held against his weight.
the scent so gorgeous.
fatally flavorsome.
a deep touch. one of her finger surprisingly touch the guy nipple's.
the guy get entertained. a very well appreciation.
then the Leine stream goes.
Like Rhine in the summer.
touching her deep and long. soaked.
conquering her thoughts and the church to hold.
the guy just a scent.
she look again and start to slowly put off her beaded g-string's.
shaved and smooth like Tartuffe.
the guy walk away.
a pink Unicorn just afar. she couldn't wait longer.
longing to see her light-brown delightful nipples to blow away by the autumn wind.
makes her indulge herself and feel superb after it.
the guy vanished. thin air has safe him.
she was handling the church until the next clean triangle.
she moves toward the river.
put the church there at the delta.
her soaked vagina become so warm.
she needs something else.
almost with every enchanted coitus she had. abusing her clitoral hood's.
one that's been faithfully engage to emotional fatigue.
she felt warmth.
she left wrath.
I put mine deep into her and cumm out load. louder.
she's happy just a precious to have it dance again.
she's dancing.
and whispered to me "come Luv, I'll accompany you. see us grow old together, Love".

Maria Antonia Josefa Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen

quid nunc

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my birth was a product of tourism and diplomacy.