Loosely, "even more so" or "with even stronger reason". Often used to lead from a less certain proposition to a more evident corollary. It is unwise to invest in pyramid schemes, and, a fortiori, in e-mail pyramid schemes.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

absit omen, absit invidia

"I have two kids." she said, then she continued, "I've married for 4 years... only," "My kids with my Mom, it is she and he actually, my daughter is the old one, she's 3, and the younger brother just 6 month now, my husband died somewhere while fucking old black dirty bitch, apologize my so speaking... but yes, I'm falling in love with others... others, I mean more than two persons, like the other was a husband with 4 kids and his wife asked me not to marry him, NO, I just fucked him good and take his sympathy for me, and while the other others, well some of them has big cock and loves to get sucked and other just small... I mean really young and has small thingy hanging below, didn't know nothing about erection or cumm'... well we just fucking." said Ms. Lara Madeleine continuously, then she said "I'm not intended to give free fucking actually, I'm not loved it or fancied it but for some reasons I just wanted to know that I still had capability as a women, I'm 27 now."

(Ms. Lara Madeleine, taken from Radio Pocket City Radio, Part 47. "Mommy I'm selling the house right now")

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