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Thursday, 4 February 2010

nec tamen consumebatur

I thought I made things clear.
I thought that I could really dance upon her.
I thought that perhaps I could move over a bit to reach her.
I thought I'm already jump after her.
I thought I'm putting my cock more often inside her.
I thought I need no more open clitoris since my cock perfectly drilled her.
I thought your vagina was perfect.
I thought your clit' was so amazing.
I thought I could always wet you up.
I thought I never did such fake orgasm.
I thought I'm fucking your hole.
I thought I could see you dance like before.

I think he just being too excited.
I think I just waxing all times for him.
I think I'm always ready for anal.
I think he's going to be more stud.
I think he's men enough to take me to spasm.
I think I could hear him moaning while his eyes shut.
I think he's never really want me to go to the ball.
I think he's fucking me so abstractly.
I think I like when he play his tongue while under me.
I think he licked my feet.
I think I never had enough his sperm.
I think his cock is too huge for me to handle.
I think I hate his cock's scent.
I think it's hard for me to have him while his taking me from behind.
I think he could really do that dance but he never could moves his feet.
I think I lost my virginity to him.
I think I never ready for an anal with him.

I thought she's just over soaked.
I thought she had too many liquids.
I thought her hole will be so much slippery.
I thought I could smell her hole.
I thought she's very tight.

I think his cock was so stiffed.
I think he could holds his cock inside me for long.
I think I never had feeling for him.
I think he's the one that could always makes me cumm'.
I think he just too messy when he's cumm'.

I thought I should put her to sleep.
I thought I could really put her to sleep.
I thought of her sleeping.
I thought she would like to sleep after swallowed my cumm'.
I thought she could really put herself to bed.

I think... he's just a dick that walking with loaded of warm juice of first grade sperm. he just that and I'm just I am. a cunt. he should praise me.

I thought I.

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