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Loosely, "even more so" or "with even stronger reason". Often used to lead from a less certain proposition to a more evident corollary. It is unwise to invest in pyramid schemes, and, a fortiori, in e-mail pyramid schemes.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

munit haec et altera vincit

"art dealer & collector learn to identify 'unsigned works' by examining stylistic features & they remark always ‘untitled’ "

"to determine an artwork’s value, art dealer & collector inspect the objects/paintings closely but still they couldn’t see."

"art dealer & collector have to understand the business side of the art world. they do understand, but they couldn’t even think."

"art dealer & collector considered art auction firms are industry-related careers, but still they didn't know what it's mean."

"art dealer & collector often study the history of art before entering on their careers but most of them graduate as a janitor."

"what makes art dealer & collector get stronger w/ their 'position'?... stupid cunt artist's."

"some of art dealer & collector act like sheep if the artist positioned as a wolf."

"art dealer & collector r afraid of artist who had good marking & position. art dealer & collector will narrowed themselves, like a group of lamb."

"art dealer & collector loves to represent artist & to develop market trends, why?... b’coz this the only way to know how stupid they r."

"why art dealer & collector didn't fancy video works?... not many of them could use remote control."

"video art for most of art dealer & collector, considered as a bonus if they buy DVD player."

"art dealer & collector r fancy about painting collection, b’coz they thought painting could used as wallpaper."

"art dealer & collector always try hard to be smart in front of sculpture or installation art, since 'the thing' not fight them back."

"why art dealer & collector didn't want to learn or listen?... b’coz they just afraid of becoming smart."

"what's good to have your own art dealer & collector?... they could be as a great companion to play catch & throw."

"what's makes art dealer & collector looks like 'shit' all times?... b’coz they playing simply as themselves & they honestly as shit."

"did the art dealer & collector had so much influenced in art scene?... yes they do w/ many mistakes.”

"what if art dealer & collector didn't go to an art fair?... the rats will b upset while there's no trash left."

"could u spot a good art dealer & collector in some Int'l Biennale?... it's tough, better to spot them at dog's hair salon."

"art dealer & collector could find good work, valuable art & makes artist important, when they would really try (hard) just to look smart."

"why an artist couldn't smart enough to face art dealer & collector?... b’coz some artist got more smart thing to do."

"what so important about art dealer & collector nowadays?... WELL, they 'mental' could gives balance to smart people."

"is it fair to blame art dealer & collector about what's in art world today? NO, it's unfair. not nice to talk to 'a mental' like that."

"did the art dealer & collector search for good & valuable work of art? of course they are, that's why they're ashamed w/ themselves."

"how did art dealer & collector effected the art scene, is it because their influence and money support? NO, they've just plain stupid."

"what happen when art dealer & collector stand side-by-side?... the new printed t-shirt will produce, it says ‘dumb and dumber’."

"the art dealer & collector, they're not bad. they just playing stupid to hide how dumb they r."

"the art dealer & collector declaring the top value from an art auction to the media, they've gone out loud w/ the mic still off."

"when the art dealer & collector talking about art w/ an artist, they've said "pardon me, could u repeat again, is that a word?."

"why so called 'traffic' in an art world market nowadays? since art dealer & collector couldn't find their way to the gallery."

"the good things r, some art dealer & collector had their own art auction. good grief, the stupid r in the same compound."

"when the art dealer & collector raise their hands in some art auction, it's mean they didn't understand."

"art fair is 'fairground' for some art dealer & collector to seek valuable piece for their disturbing childish attitude."

"why sometimes art fair & art market become important for some art dealer & collector? since that the only place they couldn't find art."

"how to find a good breed of a dog? just go to an art auction, if you could easily spot some art dealer & collector, they're you go."

"in an art auction, art dealer & collector find their seat. what they did forget, is that an art auction need knowledge about art."

"in a war zone, art dealer & collector, as well others, go to 'green zone'. art dealer & collector think that 'green zone' is an auction."

"when the art dealer & collector are proud w/ their 'position' in the art world, it is b’coz they didn't had clue what to do."

"sometimes the art dealer & collector forget to remember how to spell number n to count."

"sometimes art dealer & collector try hard to works as a janitor. they dig dirty work's & get messy w/ their own junk that collected."

"how to maintain a good position as art dealer & collector?... find the stupidest mega billionaire to buy shit from gallery."

"a very important curator come to meet the most important art dealer & collector, the result was 'account number."

"again the art dealer & collector get fancy as the way their speak only to themselves."

"most art dealer & collector loves good artist that's valuable to them. they even could ever think twice, since they let their brain empty."

"the art dealer & collector always had their eyes into art, in fact they most Q&A are "how much for this?". while seeing the catalog."

"the 'position' of art dealer & collector indeed it's very important in art world. especially if they could really find good dog to breed."

"in a biggest art fair, art dealer & collector talking much about contemporary art & how to transfer money, as well direction to the loo."

"in a Biennale. some of art dealer & collector couldn't find the venue of the exhibition, since they didn't know 'what’s venue mean?'."

"in a party exhibition, some of the art dealer & collector request a song to a DJ booth, seems they know only 'booth' as for in art fair."

"art dealer & collector actually had they own perfect life situation. all makes them as a well-trained pimp’s."

"in an international Biennale, some of art dealer & collector r speechless to see how many drinks & foods r serves."

"art dealer & collector sometimes their afraid of getting not to much known about art scene in present but they're proud of it."

"in some @ the opening art exhibition, art dealer & collector always said "what's this?" to show how empty their brain r."

"indeed it is important to deal w/ art dealer & collector, since they r mostly DUMB!-ass w/ their 'position'. especially nowadays."

"some artist could take from shit to a masterpiece. some art dealer & collector could take a masterpiece into a shit as they’re SHIT!"

"for some of art dealer & collector could spell this (in their 'position') 'a CUNT-attempt-for-arty' world’s."

"some of art dealer & collector r proud w/ themselves not w/ their art collection. since they didn’t know nothing about art."

"art dealer & collector's been playing too long w/ their corporate shit in art market, to gain position as an 'art pimp’s'."

"glad to know that some artist here could know the art dealer & collector as personal, glad to know those scumbag is 'a cunt'."

"some said that art scene development 'controlled' by some art dealer & collector. some got their balls, most of them SUCKS!"

"for some of art dealer & collector, could suck on their worse ass while maintaining their 'position', which r SUCKS!"

- NO F****** (FUCKING!) THANKS NOR GRATITUDE TO B***** (BITCHY!!) art dealer & collector. you are just worst of all. you SUCKS!!! (S****).

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